Fire Boots

Toughest Wildland Boots in the world. Built By Hand. Tested By Fire

The JK wildland fire boot collection

Season after season, the JK collection of wildland fire boots has been the favored choice of hotshots, smoke jumpers, and wildland firefighters due to its rich history. Born in the heart of the northwest, sourced and handmade entirely in America with NFPA Materials, these fire boots live for the grit and harsh conditions of the wild forests and mountains. 

Carefully crafted with NFPA rated leather, NFPA rated Vibram Soles, and held together from top to bottom with NFPA Fire thread.

wildland fire fighter working the line in jk boots
built by hand

Tested By Fire

"I love my JK Boots! They are the toughest, most comfortable, highest quality wildland fire boots I’ve ever worn. They were quick to break in and the leather is super soft and molds to your foot, but doesn’t warp in wet and hot conditions. After more than two full years of fighting fire in them they’ve seen a lot of steep miles and abuse. They’re really supportive on side slope hills and I feel secure in them carrying a lot of weight going up and downhill. I’ll never wear any other boot to fight fire in."

- Katrina Mohr, (5ftfirefighter)

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wildland firefighter foundation

JK Boots partners with The Wildland Firefighter Foundation in their mission to support wildland firefighters and their families. As a non-profit foundation, the WFF assists families with donations from supporters like you. 

“JK Boots are the best-built boots on the planet.” - Burk Minor, WFF Executive Director