Warranty policy

JK Boots' Limited Warranty

Our fault? We'll fix it! We at JK Boots take pride in our craftsmanship. Our boots stand up to the rigors of both work and play. We're so confident in the durability and quality of our boots that we offer a 12-month, no-nonsense limited warranty. If a defect presents itself within 12 months of your boots being delivered to your door, we'll make it right! We at JK Boots will perform a repair to correct the problem or offer a warranty exchange if the issue cannot be fixed due to the nature of the defect.

JK Boots offers a limited 1 Year Warranty for:

  • All new boot purchases. Any boots purchased from JK Warehouse are as-is and not covered under the Warranty.
  • Rebuild Service: We will Warranty any defects with the vamp, counter, insole, midsole, or heels. The Warranty for this service does not cover any parts of the boot other than the vamp, counter, insole, and midsole.
  • New Soles Service: We will Warranty any defects that occur in relation to the new soles, heels, or sock liners. The Warranty for this service does not cover any parts of the boot other than the new soles, sock liners, and/or heels.

IMPORTANT! Your warranty does not cover the following exclusions:

  • Excessive or abusive wear conditions
  • Sizing issues
  • Damage caused by chemicals/liquids
  • Non-JK Boots performed repair work or modifications
  • Boots purchased from a third party or vendor
  • Failure to properly maintain your product (including poor cleaning and conditioning)
  • The continued use of a safety toe or metatarsal guard after the boot has sustained an impact in excess of the ASTM rating specifications.
  • Cosmetic imperfections
  • Boot Squeak(s)

Need to submit a Warranty Claim?

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Things You Should Know
  1. Allow 3 - 5 business days after submitting your claim for a response from our customer service department.
  2. We'll email you the next steps if your claim is deemed eligible under our terms and conditions
  3. Warranty repairs are a priority! We do our best to complete repairs and return your boots in a timely manner
  4. JK Boots is not responsible for any claims, affirmations, representations, or warranties regarding statements made by an agent, employee, or representative, not under our limited warranty's terms and conditions.
  5. JK Boots limited warranty is non-transferrable and only available to the original purchaser.
  6. When sending your boots in for Warranty work, please remove any laces, tongue guards, inserts (including liners and orthotics), and all excess dirt and debris. JK Boots is not responsible for any personal effects included with your boots and will dispose of any such items upon receipt.
  7. All non-US-based customers are responsible for shipping costs to return boots for an approved Warranty Claim.

If you need more information or have questions about your issue's eligibility, please email or call us at (509) 487-0154.