here are 3 ways to choose your size

1) Choose your size based on our simple sizing guide:

• Grab a standard U.S. inch ruler and lay it on the ground up against a completely flat 90 degree surface (avoid baseboards!), with the zero marker starting at the base of the wall. • Stand with one foot directly on the ruler, with your heel against the wall (at the 0” end of the ruler) and your toes pointing away from the wall. • With weight on your foot, read the tick mark where your longest toe is at, to the nearest quarter of an inch. Input in your foot length in inches into the size calculator and follow the prompts to get your recommended size. 

2) Try ons (Custom Boots)

Have try on boots sent to your doorstep to confirm that it's right for you. This is highly recommended for first time customers. If you’ve had handmade leather boots before and are confident in your sizing but don’t see your size available, just type it into the box below and we’ll build you exactly that.

3) Visit us!

You can always stop by one of our locations to get fit and confirm your size.  Store Locations 

Yes, if you had a particular size that worked well for you from another brand in the past, let us know what that is, we may be able to build the same size for you.

We offer an incredibly wide selection of sizes to choose from that will fit unlike anything you have experienced before. If you are nervous about guessing your size consult our size chart:

For Custom boots, we off a try-on service to confirm sizing before building your boots. Click here to see a size chart:

Try on boots are always the best. You can touch and feel the product and will know exactly what to expect when your boots arrive. If try-ons don't fit right, we have so many more specific try-on sizes to try and can make the according adjustments during your build. 


You will enjoy the feel of your boots like never before. Right off the bat you will experience a noticely minimal break-in process. Everything from the proper fit, materials, and build play a key role.

Over time, you will notice that you boots will not wear down as quickly as before, leak, or loose their supportive fit. The leather will mold to your feet and calves getting more comfortable, without overstretching.

These will outlast any boots you have had before because of the quality of the material and construction. They will not leak, and will keep going as long as you take care of them. Every body wears their boots different per their conditions/body/activity but our boots will last 2-3 times as long as your generic boot brand.

JK Boots maintains the highest quality build, materials, lead times, service, and custom fit which stands out from all other boots. We guarantee a higher quality build than ever before.

We handcraft each pair of boots, using premium American materials right here in the USA–nestled right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest (Spokane, Washington).

Every step is infused with the care and skill of our sum 200 or so years of boot building experience of our bookmakers.