rose anvil x jk boots collab


special features

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Bear Hug Arch Support

These boots feature a unique "Medial Quarter", on the inside of the boot which has an adjusted shape that extends like a box to provide more support in that arch area.

flex teeth

Both Quarters have Slits that create “teeth” in the uppers to allow more flexibility and prevent any "instep bite" from material bunching around the instep.

Box Lacing System

The uppers have a unique hardware cadence that allows for the box-lacing technique - designed for maximum flexibility and relief if hot spots occur.

honey sole

These boots sport the classic 123 Honey Vibram Sole for maximum “stick” and grip. The low heel and soft composition make it ideal for trekking through any environment.

maximum performance

Reinforced Arch Support

As seen above in a detail shot, these boots feature a unique panel of leather on the inside of the boot called a "Medial Quarter" - a common design found in the early 1900s.

Instead of stopping at the arch of the foot, the upper portion of the boot wraps around the foot for extra support - which is especially nice with the soft pliable bison leather.

7" Height - Just Right

For casual wear, 8" boots can feel a bit too high and hard to get into, and 6" can be too low for work because dirt can get in and has overall less leverage. So we went with the 7" height on these to find the perfect balance.

Flex Teeth

Traditionally "flex teeth" or "relief cuts", are added to boots for increased flexibility. And in most cases, only one relief cut is made, however we added 4, even deeper cuts, to provide the best mobility with our extra-thick leather.

Plus we adjusted the hardware pattern to allow for a box lacing pattern that opens up the instep for even more movement or relief from "white bite" that can occur.

behind the design

JK Boots & Rose Anvil proudly presents a new twist on a classic PNW style boot - built for maximum flexibility and comfort for anything from casual everyday wear to heavy-duty mountain hunting trips.