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Walking With JK Boots Podcast #1 Image - The Essential Craftsman

"Walking with JK Boots" is an intriguing podcast that delves into the life of guests who have mastered the art of craftsmanship in their respective fields. In this episode, the host, Tim Khadzhi of JK Boots chats with Scott Wadsworth, widely known as the Essential Craftsman. 

A figure well-loved for his educational YouTube content, Scott has made a significant impact on people who are passionate about building and craftsmanship. The episode provides an intimate look into Scott's life, detailing his upbringing in a small town, his passion for building tree houses, his shift from music to carpentry, and his dedication to lifelong learning.


The conversation between Scott and Tim is insightful and filled with life lessons that transcend the realm of craftsmanship. 

Scott shares his journey from his humble beginnings in a logging family to his adventures in music and eventually his decision to become a carpenter. 

He also emphasizes the important role his wife Kelly plays in his life, including their mutual responsibilities towards their family. Scott's experience is filled with diverse encounters and learnings from working with different people in various fields. 

He acknowledges that he is still learning and maintains a humble demeanor despite his YouTube success. He also talks about the importance of being intentional in living and parenting. 

Scott and Tim reflect on the importance of embracing cultural opportunities and leaving a legacy for future generations. This podcast is a deep dive into the wisdom that can be gathered from a life dedicated to craftsmanship and continuous learning.

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