Built for the Mission | Tested by Fire: JK Boots and MYSTERY RANCH

Since our inception, JK Boots has been dedicated to serving the brave men and women of the wildland firefighting community. 

Our mission has always been clear: provide the best-in-class fire boots that ensure safety, comfort, and performance under the most challenging conditions. We understand the critical role that quality footwear plays in the success and safety of firefighting operations, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Our partnership with the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is a testament to our deep-rooted connection with the firefighting community. This collaboration enables us to not only contribute to the safety of these heroes but also to support them and their families in times of need. 

Our yearly rush production in the spring is a crucial part of this commitment, ensuring that our nation’s wildland firefighters are well-equipped with the boots they need for the demanding fire season.

The excitement at JK Boots is palpable as we announce our collaboration with MYSTERY RANCH. 

Known for their rugged, durable, and functional backpacks, MYSTERY RANCH is a leader in producing equipment for some of the world's toughest environments, including military, climbing, and, importantly for us, wildland firefighting. 

Their reputation in the wildland community is unparalleled, and their dedication to crafting best-in-class equipment mirrors our own ethos.

MYSTERY RANCH’s guiding principle, "Built for the Mission," perfectly complements JK Boots’ own motto, "Tested by Fire." 

This synergy has birthed a collaboration that is more than the sum of its parts. Together, we’re offering wildland firefighters an unbeatable combination of gear: the resilience and functionality of MYSTERY RANCH packs coupled with the proven durability and comfort of JK Fire Inlanders.

As we approach the upcoming fire season, we invite you to equip yourself with these top-tier tools. Imagine the confidence and readiness you'll feel with a MYSTERY RANCH pack on your back and a pair of JK Fire Inlanders on your feet. 

This gear is designed not just to protect, but also to empower you in the challenging and unpredictable environment of wildland firefighting.

We also understand the physical toll that this demanding job can take on the body. Experienced firefighters know the importance of reliable equipment. 

Substandard gear not only compromises efficiency but can also lead to long-term physical strain. That’s why we encourage you to invest in quality - your health and safety are worth it.

To make this top-quality gear more accessible, we’re thrilled to offer a special promotion. 

During our Christmas sale, you can save $50 off a pair of JK Fire Inlanders. Additionally, for those who desire a more personalized touch, our custom Fire Inlanders are available on an extended lead time with a $100 discount. 

This is an opportunity to invest in your safety, performance, and comfort, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges of the upcoming season.

At JK Boots, we’re more than just a company; we’re a community dedicated to supporting our nation’s wildland firefighters. 

We take pride in our products and are honored to be a part of your firefighting journey. Trust in our expertise and experience, and step into the fire season with the best tools by your side.

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