How to Prep Your Boots for Winter

At JK Boots, we know the value of diligent care for our leather products. Winter conditions, particularly in northern regions, can be tough on boots, with salt and moisture being major culprits in boot wear.

To keep our Superduty and O.T. line of work boots in top shape, it's crucial to clean, condition, and weatherproof them.

Keeping Your Boot Protected This Winter

Protecting your boots during winter doesn’t have to be complicated. Here's a straightforward guide to ensure you and our boots conquer the frosty months:

  1. Brush those soles – Have a boot brush handy outside your door. Before heading in, brush off dirt, snow, mud, and salt. While daily deep cleaning isn't always feasible, removing major debris helps prevent leather damage.
  2. Quick wipe – You don’t need perfection, but wiping down your boots, especially removing road salt, ensures they don’t lose moisture overnight.
  3. Conditioning time – When you're unwinding after a long day, take a moment to wipe your boots with a damp towel and apply some conditioner. Even a quick touch-up, especially on the lower half, reduces the wear from snow and salt exposure.
  4. Weatherproof them – Create a barrier against moisture to enhance the lifespan of our Superduty or O.T. boots.
  5. Dry them right – Wet boots aren’t just uncomfortable; they can lead to mold and leather damage. Dry them properly to avoid these issues.

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