Can Work Boots be Resoled? A Guide to Repairing Work Boots

When you’ve spent months or even years wearing your favorite pair of work boots until they feel like the most comfortable footwear you own, it’s understandable that you’d want to resole them when needed.

Not all work boots can be resoled, and it can depend on the design or construction method used. For premium quality work boots, resoling can be much more cost-effective than buying new boots, with the bonus that they’re already broken in and comfortable.

When you notice the soles becoming worn or falling off, it’s time to find a cobble to resole them, as you’re more prone to accidents if your boots are faulty. Even a minor split or tear can warrant a repair, so knowing which type of boots can be resoled is essential.

What Kind of Work Boots Can Be Resoled?

Some boots are designed to be easily resoled, such as boots made with a Goodyear welt, stitchdown construction, or Blake stitching. 

There’s a point in your boots' life where even a resole won’t help, but for a pair of quality boots, you’ll often be able to resole them several times during their lifespan. 

One of our most popular and hardwearing boots, the JK Boots O.T - Brown, is made with premium US-sourced materials, uses a premium 8-9oz oil-tanned leather for its upper, and boasts a rugged Vibram sole. Resoling this workhorse boot is a breeze thanks to its Stitchdown construction and quality materials.

If your boots are made with a Goodyear welt, they should be easy to resole, as a Goodyear welt involves stitching the upper, the insole, and the welt together. Resoling can be a simple process as the old sole is removed entirely, and a new one can be stitched to the existing welt.

Blake stitched boots, where the upper is directly stitched to the outsole, is another common method for making work boots. The old sole is removed, and the new sole is attached, invariably through the same stitching holes. Boots that are well worn might struggle to be resoled multiple times using this method of construction.

At JK Boots, we prefer to handcraft boots using a Stitchdown construction. Not only is resoling achievable, but it’s also one of the best construction methods for weather-proofing your boots. 

Resoling a boot that uses the Stitchdown construction method is as easy as removing the old sole and either stitching on a new one or using a strong adhesive bonding to reattach the sole. Our boots are made to last for years, so we know how important it is to easily find a new sole

What are the Benefits of Stitchdown Construction for Resoling? 

While you might think that there’s no difference between resoling a Goodyear Welt work boot and one that uses a Stitchdown construction, there are several key advantages to resoling a Stitchdown boot.

It’s no coincidence that JK Boots are all made using this versatile method. Our boots are made to handle serious work in serious conditions, and a Stitchdown construction offers several benefits.

Extended Lifespan

Boots made with a Stitchdown construction tend to be made from higher-quality materials, so it’s in your best interests to wear them for as long as possible. Resoling a JK Boots Arctic No. 2 makes sense when you’ve paid for the best winter boot in the world—you could be stomping around in the ice and snow for a decade in your favorite boots.

Premium leather is thicker, more durable, and can take on multiple resoles, considerably extending your boots' life. At most, a pair of cheap boots will last two or three years, whereas your Arctic No. 2 could be on your feet for a decade.    

Maintaining the Fit of Your Boot

You didn’t spend all that time conditioning and breaking in your leather work boots only to have to start again after a resole. With a Stitchdown constructed boot, a resole will hardly be noticeable. 

You’ll be able to retain the comfort, shape, and fit of your old boots with the advantage of having a completely new sole. You’ll be able to breathe years of new life into your boots, but they'll still feel as good as old.

Stitchdown Construction Retains your Boots' Durability

As well as staying comfortable, resoling a pair of Stitchdown boots also retains their durability. Regardless of how your boot was made, a resole is a significant job that takes your boots apart, potentially affecting their stability and flexibility afterward.

The use of stitching in our preferred method of boot construction aids the boot in retaining its durability, making it feel as hardwearing as if it was brand new. With some construction methods, your boots never feel as robust as they do when made using the Stitchdown construction method after a resole.

Easy to Resole and Cost Effective

Unless you’ve been wearing a pair of $50 boots, a resole will often be more cost-effective than buying new boots. With a Stitchdown constructed boot, you’re only replacing the sole—every other part of your boot remains intact.

It’s not only easier to resole than when dealing with other styles of boots, but it’s also more cost-effective as you do not have to replace any part of the rest of the boots.

JK Boots - Saving Soles Since 1994

While not all work boots can or should be resoled, if you’ve invested in a premium, well-constructed pair of boots, it’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to prolong their lifespan. 

Your boots can feel like a second skin after you’ve taken the time and effort to keep the uppers in excellent condition. A resole, especially on Stitchdown constructed boots, will keep them feeling, looking, and working perfectly.

Suppose you’ve had the good taste to buy and take care of one of the best winter boots in the world, the JK Boots Arctic No. 2. In that case, you’ll be able to have them resoled and still be able to retain the weatherproof properties that come from having a pair of boots created using the Stitchdown construction method.

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