Benefits of Custom Boots?

Our lowest end boot, starts at a higher quality than any other boot. Thats because of our commitment to quality.

"Its a valid question. I've been buying boots for way cheaper, I buy them right off the shelf, and never thought twice about it. There's a few things to consider with your boots when it comes to work that your missing out on, and actually hurting yourself in the process not knowing of a better way. Lets start with the first way you are hurting yourself; starting with comfort; keep reading till "financially" and you will be surprised.

Comfort - bad fit with pain vs. perfect fit with comfort

  • An off the shelf pair of boots, does not fit right. Over time, It causes foot pain, bone spurs, foot related problems which are uncomfortable and unnecessary.
  • JK boots, will feel incredible every morning when you slide into them. They are formed to the shape of each foot, and fit perfectly

Consider your feet, which are irreplaceable, and have a $$$ value which any person would struggle to put a number on. Your feet could be miserable, and its unnecessary. You have the option of a perfect fitting pair of boots, take it.

Quality - You get what you pay for? Not really

  • Usually you get what you pay for. In this case, you don't. With JK Boots, it turns out, you're actually getting more, when you pay less. 
  • Every part if this boot is a higher quality. The leather, the sole, the eyelets, even down to the thread. We use a thread that doesn't break as easily, and is triple bonded. The leather is thicker than any mass produced boot in the world. The soles will outlast what you're used to wearing now.

The overall structure of the boot, is a high quality product. It feels good, looks good, works good. Its not flimsy, and you have peace of mind knowing you can rely on them, everyday.

Financially - $1.90/day vs. 55 cents/day

  • When you make a purchase of $200-$300 for a pair of boots, the lifespan is around 6 months (based on a 10hr-12hr work day) This comes out to $1.90/day. After 6 months, they are thrown away, and a new pair is purchased.
  • When you make a purchase of $499 , the life span is around 5 years (based on a 10-12hr work day) This comes out 0.55/day. That's 10 times the life. 

In 5 years, you are spending $2500.00 instead of $729.00 with JK.

Hygiene - Bad smell vs JK

  • Non-organic materials in boots allow bacteria to grow which causes bad smelling boots. 
  • JK Boots uses all leather, and the highest of quality, in the entire boot. This allows your foot to breathe better, and, after 5 years of wear, they will not release a foul odor.

Investing in a high quality product is well worth it.